American scientist Dr. Carl Sagan once said, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” Research is the avenue to discover the unknown, and Samford is uniquely positioned to offer you mentored research opportunities. Successful research depends on intellectually curious students who partner with faculty to consider original, creative solutions to complex problems.

University Fellows frequently participate in undergraduate research both on and off campus, and they have access to special scholarships to fund their research. While there is no tuition-based scholarship associated with University Fellows, all students admitted to the University Fellows program and are in good standing with the program are eligible to apply for additional study abroad, professional development, and research funding. Applications and stipulations for this funding will be emailed out to students via the Associate Director or the Director of the University Fellows program annually. Below, please find more detailed information on undergraduate research opportunities.

Alabama Power Foundation Research Fellowships

In 2007, the Alabama Power Foundation made a $250,000 investment in the University Fellows program. This gift established the APF Research Fellowships, competitive grants available exclusively to University Fellows. Previous recipients have conducted research in fields such as chemistry, classics, computer science and political science. These projects resulted in conference presentations, scholarly publications, and even an honorable mention for the Goldwater Scholarship.

External Research

Samford’s academic rigor also positions our students for competitive research grants at other universities. University Fellows faculty help students identify outstanding opportunities and guide them through application procedures. Fellows have been admitted to summer research programs at Washington University in St. Louis, University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Tennessee, University of Georgia, and Baylor College of Medicine.

Additional On-Campus Research

The Alabama Power Foundation Research Fellowship is not the only funding opportunity for students interested in spending their summer conducting research on campus. The Howard College of Arts and Sciences ASPIRE program offers student stipends for faculty-mentored research. In addition, academic departments often have their own research funds. Over the past several years, numerous University Fellows have taken advantage of these opportunities.