Becoming an Iron Warrior

Cadet life is slightly different from that of a normal college student; there are countless new opportunities to develop you as a leader, provide you with new and exciting experiences, and forge your path as the next generation of Iron Warriors.

As you proceed further into your AFROTC career, especially the POC, you take on much more responsibility. When you become an Iron Warrior, you will be expected to invest in yourself and your peers. The program's main goal is to get your degree, but advancing in AFROTC will require tenacity and a willingness to devote yourself to some time in the corps.

When cadets are not marching, training, or in uniform, they are college students living a college-student life and staying involved in Greek Life, intramural sports, student government, city life, and much more. Beyond these interests, Detachment 012 affords several unique opportunities, including AFROTC Extracurricular Activities and Special Events.

AFROTC Extracurricular Activities

Along with regular Air Force ROTC activities, there are numerous extracurricular activities as well, including Honor Guard, Arnold Air Society, and more. Arnold Air Society is a service oriented, honor society directly endorsed by the Air Force and AFROTC. Silver Wings is another organization devoted to service. This is the sister organization to Arnold Air Society, but it allows you to work side by side with civilian members as this organization is open to anyone on campus. Both these organizations give extra training, experience, skills, and esprit de corps between cadets, the university, and the community.

Through AFROTC, you will have opportunities to volunteer in the community, present the national colors at various games and venues, and participate in recruiting functions.

Special Events

Various events throughout the academic year offer unique experiences to the Iron Warriors at Detachment 012. Among these are the annual Iron Warrior 5K, visits to the Talladega Speedway, Phase Zero, visits to Air and Space Force installations, joint events with Army ROTC, Morale-Welfare-Recreation events, community service, PT at Vulcan Park, and our annual Dining Out.