From High School

National Air and Space Force ROTC scholarships are extremely competitive. To guarantee you are a top candidate, ensure you have the highest GPA possible, score well on the ACT or SAT, and stay physically fit to pass the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA). You will also need to apply and get accepted to a university with an AFROTC program. Get more details about the High School Scholarship Program (HSSP).

In-College Scholarship Program

AFROTC offers multiple In-College scholarships. There is a 3-year scholarship available to those freshmen who enroll in AFROTC. Freshmen will have the opportunity to compete for national scholarship during their second semester that will be activated the start of their sophomore year.

There is also a two-year scholarship award known as the General Charles McGee Leadership Award that offers $18,000 in tuition and fees per academic year with an annual book stipend and a monthly living expense stipend. To receive this award, a cadet must attend and complete Field Training and meet minimum requirements for GPA and Physical Fitness.

AFROTC cadre members are available to answer any questions you may have about these programs, or you can read about them online.