Accessibility and Accommodations provides accommodations for qualified students and applicants with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations are provided on a case-by-case basis and must pertain to the functional limitations of the disability upon the individual. The process for registering with Accessibility and Accommodations is as follows:

1. Application

Students who wish to request accommodations should submit an application via the link below. You will need your Samford username and password, and your student ID number (begins with 900) in order to complete the application. If you are a prospective student and have not received this information yet, you may contact us to schedule an Informational meeting, but should wait to complete the application once you have been accepted into the University. If you need assistance completing the application, please contact us.

Apply for Accommodations

2. Documentation Guidelines

In addition to completing the above application, students should contact their treatment provider to request disability documentation. Students are encouraged to refer to the documentation guidelines below and share the appropriate guidelines with their treatment provider so that he or she is aware of what information to send to Accessibility and Accommodations.

Policies and Guidelines Pertaining To

3. Intake meeting

Once Accessibility and Accommodations has received and reviewed the student’s application and disability documentation, the student will be contacted to schedule an Intake meeting. During this meeting, the student will talk with a Accessibility and Accommodations staff member about their individual needs, specific accommodation requests, and how their academic functioning is impacted by their disability.

4. Accommodations meeting

Once all eligibility requirements have been met and accommodations have been determined, the student will meet with a Accessibility and Accommodations staff member to discuss the process of receiving accommodations, including sending accommodation letters to professors each semester.

Accommodation Procedures for Students Enrolled in the Juris Doctor Program

This policy applies to students enrolled in the Juris Doctor program through the Cumberland School of Law who wish to request accommodations. The information provided outlines the collaborative procedures between Accessibility and Accommodations and the Director of Student Services and ADA Compliance for the Cumberland School of Law.

The office of Accessibility and Accommodations is responsible for verifying disability and determining eligible accommodations for all students enrolled in the University. Once a student has been deemed eligible to receive accommodations, accommodation support is provided to assist the student in following procedures for notifying faculty and making appropriate arrangements to receive accommodations each semester.

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