Create a Survey

Follow these steps for a successful survey experience. This procedure was created to improve quality, and reduce oversampling and redundancy. It is not intended to regulate who may or may not engage in survey activities but rather to offer guidance when needed and to build a central location for information about these activities.

Survey Review Process+

  1. Check the Survey Question Inventory to see if the information you want to gather is already available.
  2. Design survey instrument and determine target population and desired timeframe. The survey instrument must be in final format before a survey review application can be submitted.
  3. Read the Samford University Survey Policy and Procedures to understand requirements.
  4. Begin the survey review application to learn what, if any, review will be required. The application requests detailed information about your research. Because the application must be completed in one session, it is recommended that you preview it for planning purposes. A reference document is available after the preliminary questions on the Survey Review Application.
  5. If IRB approval is necessary, additional documentation and training before submission is required. The IRB Checklist will be helpful to ensure all necessary information is included. Survey oversight by the survey review committee (SRC) does not supersede the policies and procedures of the Institutional Review Board (IRB). One common form is used by both the SRC and the IRB. The submission process will determine which review, if any, will be necessary. Please contact the IRB chair or SRC chair if you have any questions.
  6. Submit completed survey review application, survey instrument in final format, and supporting documents for review. Surveys subject to the policy must be reviewed and scheduled on a yearly basis.

Survey Tool Information+

Qualtrics will be the official survey instrument for Samford University. If you use another survey system, it is considered the same as an off-campus host and the researcher assumes full responsibility for security and privacy of the data. Technology Services will provide technical assistance and training for Qualtrics. 


Based on the type(s) of survey, the review timeline may vary. Independently, SRC and IRB approval may take up to 30 days. If the survey is reviewed by both the SRC and IRB, then additional review time may be needed. If changes are required, each submission resets the review timeline.