The person in whose name the vehicle is registered is responsible for all parking and traffic violations, regardless of the vehicle's operator.

Transportation Services and Public Safety officers issue citations to parking and traffic violators.


Fines must be paid no later than the due date on your statement; fines may be paid in person at Samford One-Stop or online via the statement link in Banner.

If a citation is not paid by the end of the semester in which it was issued, the university may pay the fine and service charge by payroll deduction. Failure to pay the fine when due is a violation of Samford University Policy.

An employee who receives more than five parking citations in a given semester or who does not pay his or her fines, resulting in payroll deduction on more than three occasions is subject to having his or her car booted, towed, or having campus parking privileges suspended.


Fine Payment

Fines must be paid no later than the due date on your statement; fines may be paid in person at Samford One-Stop or online via the statement link in Banner.

Student fines will be posted to the registrant’s account. All fines must be paid by the end of the semester in which the citation was issued, unless it is still in the appeals process. A hold will place on the student’s account for all outstanding fines.

Disciplinary Action

In addition to payment of fines, individuals receiving numerous violations may be subject to losing their parking privileges on campus. In the event that an individual receives numerous parking violations, the following will apply:

No Permit

In the event Transportation Services identifies a vehicle numerous times for being parked on the campus without a proper parking permit, students will receive an e-mail confirmation sent to their SU e-mail address when a citation posts to his or her account. On the fifth “No Permit” citation, the student will receive an e-mail indicating that a hold will be placed on his or her account. The hold will not be lifted until the student purchases a permit and pays all associated fines.

Excessive Parking Violations

A person receiving four parking and/or traffic citations within one academic term will receive a hold on his/her Banner account. The Transportation Services hold will remain on the account until the process has been completed. Individuals who continue to receive citations after receiving a Transportation Services hold will be subject to losing their privilege to operate a vehicle on campus.

Sanctions related to excessive violations could include but are not limited to community service, restricted parking privileges, additional fines and disciplinary action.

Moving Violations

$50 Violation

  • Speeding
  • Running a stop sign
  • Failing to stop for pedestrians
  • Wrong way on a one way street
  • Blocking or obstructing traffic
  • Driving/Parking on grass or sidewalk
  • Making illegal turn

$30 Violation

  • Unsafe vehicle operation

Parking Violations

Handicap accessible and fire lane parking violations are non-appealable, $100 fines. Regulations are mandated by the City of Homewood and the State of Alabama; they are not at the discretion of any department on campus to be voided at any time.

$100 Violation

  • Parking in handicapped space
  • Parking in fire lane

$50 Violation

  • No decal
  • Blocking trash dumpster
  • Blocking or obstructing traffic
  • Parking on grass or sidewalk
  • Parking in reserved space
  • Parking in unauthorized color zone
  • Parking in unmarked area
  • Parking on yellow curb

$25 Violation

  • Parking in loading/service zone
  • Visitor/15-minute zone

$20 Violation

  • Improperly displayed decal

$15 Violation

  • Parking on street
  • Double parking street/lot

Towing, Immobilization & Impoundment

Samford University is private property and reserves the right to have unauthorized vehicles, abandoned vehicles or vehicles operated in violation of Samford University rules and regulations towed from the campus property at the owner's expense.


Situations which may warrant towing of vehicles include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Safety hazard
  • Obstructing traffic
  • Blocking a fire hydrant
  • Parking in a fire lane
  • Parking in handicapped spaces
  • Parking on yellow curbs
  • Parking in loading zones
  • Abandoned vehicles

Vehicles in persistent violation of traffic regulations are subject to towing or immobilization with a wheel lock.

Bicycles & Scooters

Any member of the Departments of Transportation Services and Public Safety may move, relocate or impound any bicycle and motorized scooter which:

  • Is blocking or otherwise impeding normal entrance to or exit from any building on university property.
  • Is blocking or otherwise impeding traffic in any street, highway, roadway or path.
  • Appears to be abandoned.
  • Has been reported as stolen to a law enforcement agency.
  • Is a safety hazard.
  • Is parked, stored, or left in any lobby, hallway, or room of any building unless said area is a private resident dorm.
  • Is propped against light posts, rails, trees, bushes, or any kind of university landscaping.