Standard rules of the road from the city, county, and state, as well as directive signs and instruction by officers directing traffic, will be observed on campus.

Visitors to campus may receive a daily parking permit from Seibert Hall office 303.


Valid License Required

All motor vehicle operators must have in their possession a valid operator’s license and produce this item when requested by a Transportation Services employee or Public Safety officer.

Speed Limit 25 MPH

The speed limit on campus is 25 mph; however, any speed not safe for the conditions of the road, including vehicle and pedestrian congestion, will be enforced.

No Passing

Please observe no passing on campus.

Parking Enforcement

Parking is enforced Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.–4:30 p.m., except on university holidays or campus closings. All faculty/staff lots are enforced even when classes are not in session. All student lots during Jan Term, spring break, summer term, and fall break are open parking. Handicap, service zones and fire lanes are enforced at all times without exception. Students are not visitors and cannot park in visitor zones. Vehicles must be parked in a legal space. Vehicles parked on landscape, unmarked areas, hashed areas or blocking drive aisles will be cited.


Pedestrians Have Right of Way

Pedestrians have the right-of-way on all walkways. A bicyclist shall stay to the right when on a designated walkway.

Obey Same Traffic Regulations

Every person riding a bicycle or motorized scooter is required to obey the same traffic regulations as the driver of an automobile, including obeying all stop signs, yield signs, red lights, and other traffic signals specific to Samford University.

Light Required at Night

A bicycle or motorized scooter must be equipped with a light when used at night.

Parking Restrictions

No person shall park, store or leave a bicycle or motorized scooter in such a manner as to cause said bicycle or motorized scooter to block or otherwise impede normal entrance to or exit from any building on campus, or in a manner, determined by the Transportation Services, that constitutes a safety hazard. The riding of bicycles or motorized scooters inside any campus building is prohibited.

No bicycle or motorized scooter shall be parked, stored, or left in any lobby or hallway of any resident dorm. All bicycles and motorized scooters must be secured to bike racks and/or inside dorm rooms when not in operation.

No Skateboards or Hoverboards

The riding of skateboards and hoverboards is prohibited on all university property, which includes, but is not limited to, all campus walkways, roadways, patios and stairs.

Hoverboards include self-balancing scooters, battery operated scooters and hands-free Segways.

Riding in Buildings Prohibited

The riding of bicycles, scooters, roller blades and roller skates is prohibited in all university buildings on campus.

No Stunts

Stunts and exhibition riding of bicycles, roller blades or roller skates is prohibited on all university property.