Online Courses

Students have two options of payment for the online certificates: First, students can pay for all four certificate courses at the beginning of his/her first class ($699). This one-time payment is an advantage to the student as it includes a significant discount. Second, students can pay per class ($199) as they work through the four courses.  To register simply click on the link under the "current classes" tab. 

Extension Courses 

All courses offered through our extension network cost $50. 

Processing Fee: $10 (one-time fee per semester). Waived if registering online. 

Note: Students must obtain their textbooks at a separate cost. These books can be obtained through Amazon, Christian Book Distributors, or Lifeway. The required textbook will be listed on the course syllabus.

Financial Aid

  • Financial aid is available to those who belong to a Southern Baptist Church. Half price tuition is available to members of National Baptist Churches. Only students who have a household income of less than $40,000 a year will qualify for aid. 
  • Online registration is not available for those seeking financial aid.  Students will need to fill out a financial aid form on the first night of class at one of our extension sites. 
  • Only extension/diploma courses are eligible for financial aid. Financial aid only covers the cost of tuition and does not cover the cost of processing fee and books.
  • Students who are licensed or ordained Ministers in a local church also qualify for a scholarship. Students who qualify for this must fill out the financial aid registration form and check the appropriate box.
  • A spouse of a minister qualifies for a scholarship. Please fill out the financial aid registration form and check the box that applies to you.
  • A church approved lay-leader qualifies for a scholarship. Students must attach a letter of recommendation from their Pastor to the financial aid registration form and check the appropriate box.  One letter per academic year is required.
  •  All financial aid forms must be signed by the local extension director before the registration will be processed.