Severe Injury

  • Call 911 or the University Police at 205-726-2020.
  • Calmly describe what happened. Provide the dispatcher with your name, phone number and physical location.
  • Remain calm and stay on the phone until the dispatcher hangs up. The dispatcher may provide instructions on how to care for the injured.
  • Check the injured individual for emergency medical ID tags and/or medications, and provide the information to the dispatcher.
  • Do not move the injured individual unless safety is a concern (fire, explosives, etc.). If safety is a concern, notify the dispatcher.
  • Assist the injured individual until medical assistance arrives.
  • If the injured individual is unconscious and not breathing, locate the nearest Automated External Defibrillator (AED), turn it on and follow the instructions provided within the unit. The AED will check for a regular heartbeat. If one is detected, the AED will not shock the person.
  • Do not provide first aid or CPR if you are not properly trained.

Minor Injury

  • Notify your resident assistant or a Samford employee about the injury. If management is unavailable, contact Samford University Police at 205-726-2020.
  • If necessary, assist the injured individual to University Health Services or the nearest medical facility.


  • In the event of a life-threatening injury or illness, call 911 or the University Police at 205-726-2020.
  • Do not attempt to transport an injured individual to a medical facility; wait for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to arrive.
  • Students seeking medical care for non-life-threatening injuries or illnesses may visit University Health Services located on the southeast corner of Seibert Hall, 305 Dawson Drive.
  • If University Health Services is closed, contact your primary care physician, the Hub or University Police at 205-726-2020.

First Aid and CPR Training

First aid and CPR training is available:

Nearest Hospital Emergency Room

Brookwood Hospital

2010 Brookwood Medical Center Drive
Birmingham, AL 35209