Samford Abroad is a nationally ranked, innovative leader in providing global educational opportunities. Samford’s commitment to providing international programs to its students stems from the school’s mission to nurture persons in the development of intellect, creativity, faith, and personhood.

The flagship of the Samford Abroad portfolio is the Daniel House, a 5-story home in central London, roughly a mile from Kensington Palace. The Daniel House is used by students and faculty as both a home and a classroom and provides the setting for Samford faculty to develop students in an inspiring cultural context as affordably as possible. In 2018, the Daniel House underwent a more than $2 million renovation to update both the living facilities and academic potential of the property as well as some needed structural updates.

About the Daniel House

After the Daniel House survived The Blitz of World War II, it became Hotel Lindsay by 1969 and witnessed the destruction of its gardens for modern hotel development. It was at this point in its history that the Daniel House became part of Samford history. Early in his presidency, Thomas Corts began looking for a property in London that would house a residential study center for Samford students. Fortunately for the university, London property was depressed in the early 1980s, and the former Abcone Hotel (now Villa Kensington) was looking to sell off its property at number 12. With generous assistance from the Daniel family, the university was able to purchase the property in 1983, and the next year it opened its doors to the first Samford students.

The Daniel House has a storied past with connections to lords and ladies, famous suffragettes, and even a legendary prime minister, but it also has a bright future ahead.

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Daniel House Family

Ever since it opened its doors in 1984, the Daniel House has been dedicated to fostering intercultural learning and understanding. More than a physical space, the Daniel House is a place where relationships are forged and flourish, creating tight-knit communities that stand the test of time.

Every new group that arrives through our doors contributes to this ever-growing tapestry of the Daniel House family. This sense of togetherness does not fade with changing semesters; it lingers on as different cohorts connect over their shared experiences in London. For countless Samford students, faculty, and staff, the Daniel House has become a true home away from home. Its impact on lives continues to unfold, reinforcing the need to remain connected to the future of the programme.

To support the sustained success of the Daniel House for future generations, the Daniel House Family has been created as an exclusive opportunity for Daniel House friends and alumni to directly support the future of the house and remain an active part of the Daniel House story. By pledging $100 annually, members of the Daniel House Family will enjoy benefits such as two newsletters per year - containing information on Daniel House activities, annual memorabilia, Homecoming events on campus, and recognition on our donor wall.

Daniel House Family members will have exclusive access to reserve their spot for our first ever Family Week in London, December 16 - 22, 2024. The week will be filled with activities, from dinners to community events, classroom experiences and walking tours. And for those who prefer not to spend the week in a bunkbed, worry not - you can still participate in the activities even if you choose to stay elsewhere.

Sample Daniel House Family Week Itinerary

December 16-22, 2024 | London, England

Monday, December 16, 2024
Arrivals and Check-in at the Daniel House Morning
Walking Tour of the Neighborhood Afternoon
Community Dinner and Trivia Night at the Daniel House Evening
Tuesday, December 17, 2024
Academic Lecture Morning
Churchill War Rooms Visit Afternoon
Theatre Event Evening
Wednesday, December 18, 2024
National Gallery Tour Afternoon
>Evensong at St. Paul's Cathedral Evening
Thursday, December 19, 2024
Oxford or Bath Day Trip Full Day
Friday, December 20, 2024
Family Christmas Dinner at the Daniel House Evening
Saturday, December 21, 2024
Free Day for Exploring Full Day
Sunday, December 22, 2024
Check-out and Departures from the Daniel House Morning

*** Itinerary will be finalized closer to the week of events ***

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Alumni Stories

Succeed Farther

Jonathon RobinsonJonathan Robinson has defined success in his own terms. It’s not based on how much money you make or what kind of recognition you receive. For Jonathan, it’s about knowing who you are, and who you are not.

After studying at the Daniel House in London, Jonathan realized he was not on a career path that was going to make him happy. So he pivoted, changed course, and started his own company.

Jonathan credits his semester in London as shaping him more than any experience at Samford. For him, it was not only a chance to see the world, but also to take a look inside himself.

“It opened my eyes to the greater world and forced me to reconsider homegrown assumptions about truth, choices, privilege & the Southern bubble. Not only do you experience a melting pot of cultures and meet new people, but studying abroad breaks down your pride & self-importance. You begin to figure out what makes you unique and what you were created for.” –Jonathan Robinson, Entrepreneur and CEO of

Create Farther

Bryan JohnsonDuring his semester at the Daniel House in London, Bryan Johnson took his camera everywhere - documenting the people, places and arts around him. He was exposed to the world’s best museums, theater and global cultures, all while honing his craft of photography.

Bryan attributes his time in London with Samford Abroad to shaping his career as a professional photographer. The majority of his initial portfolio as a young photographer was built upon his work in London. It landed him some jobs that have now led to work with Blue Bottle Coffee, Chick-Fil-A, and other national brands.

I was 20 years old and needed an experience that would define my journey into adulthood. My 4 months of learning, exploring, and experiencing that city was like a rite of passage. I came home a different person. A lot of it was undefinable and intangible - but things were different. Outside of meeting my eventual wife, there is no single experience that defined my college years more than my time abroad.” –Bryan Johnson, Founder and Owner of ABryan Photo

Learn Farther

Angel SimmsAngel Simms is a student from Chattanooga, Tennessee, but her experiences with Samford Abroad have taken her around the world. Twice.

Before her sophomore year, Angel studied in London at the Daniel House. Her experience abroad exposed her to new cultures, deep friendships, and a global perspective with which to see the world. So she did it again.

In her junior year, Angel furthered her studies in Barcelona, Spain. It was there that she realized her passion for international relations and curiosity for global cultures. Angel plans to go back to study the social climate of Spain and other countries to continue her research.

“I was able to observe and be a part of a completely different culture. From the food to the language, the dialect, I was surrounded by people who were different than me, which gave me a holistic view of the world.” –Angel Simms, Samford University Student

Work with Us

London Internship Program

The London Internship Program is an academic program consisting of class sessions, a work placement, and assignments. The work placement will take place for 20 hours per week for 12 weeks during our Fall and Spring terms, and 6 weeks in Summer term (typically 2.5 working days per week). Students will be taking classes simultaneously on the other days of the week. Students receive academic credit for their work placement and are not entitled to any form of compensation, so the placement is unpaid.

Our Students and the Experience You Provide

 Students participating in the London Internship Program are mostly in their 2nd or 3rd year, out of an estimated 4 years at Samford University. With regard to the nature of the work, this is up to you and your organization’s needs. Our students tend to be capable of taking on a good degree of responsibility, but also understand that work placements can often involve primarily administrative tasks.

Some employers may have specific, time-limited, or ongoing projects in mind, while others may host students for more general ongoing administrative assistance with the intern being available for ad hoc projects as they arise. The primary purpose is for students to gain exposure to the working world in their field of interest.

UK Student Visa

 Students participating in the London Internship Program hold a Student Visa issued by the UKVI (UK Visas & Immigration). Samford University is a UKVI authorized sponsor for this visa. This is a status that we continually strive to maintain with annual renewal of our sponsorship and regular inspection by the UKVI. The London Internship Program’s structure is designed to ensure full compliance with UKVI regulations.

Arranging a Placement

 If you are interested in hosting a student, you can contact a member of our internship program (see below) to indicate your interest and provide a brief summary of the role. We will then seek a suitable match for the placement and will forward you a CV. If you are interested in the student we put forward, we will then arrange an interview. Once the student has interviewed, if both parties are happy to proceed, we will confirm the placement schedule of days per week and the student will be set to begin. If not, we can try to find another student for the position.

While Samford does not require any written agreement for the placement arrangement, a statement of the dates of the placement and the basic parameters for UKVI compliance will be sent to each employer at the start of the placement. As sponsors for the visa, we will also monitor the student’s attendance on the placement via a bi-weekly online form that we ask the work placement supervisor to complete (which should only take a minute each time).

For More Information or to Arrange a Placement, Contact:

Jo Burkhart, Associate Director of UK Programmes and Operations
Phone: 07565 609 438 (UK)
+1-205-726-5663 (US)

Visiting the House

For forty years now, Samford students have called Daniel House their home away from home. Many alumni and friends wish to visit the house when they are in the UK. The Daniel House serves as a residence and study centre for Samford students year-round. Samford in London programs run in the Fall and Spring Semesters, and other Samford Abroad programs take place in May and Summer terms. To visit the Daniel House without disrupting current students, please contact Tom Crosby to arrange a tour. Please note that tours are unavailable when the house is closed over Christmas. Due to our student programs, we cannot accommodate individual faculty, staff, or alumni stays.

To stay updated on Daniel House Happenings, including reunions and alumni updates, visit the Daniel House Family drawer above.

Faculty in Residence

Embarking on a semester at the Daniel House offers a transformative journey for both faculty members and students alike. The FIR role plays a crucial part in shaping the Daniel House community and enhancing the student experience, as FIRs are entrusted not only with teaching responsibilities but also with providing regular pastoral care.

Where Will I Live?

The FIR resides on-site in the faculty suite at the Daniel House, fostering proximity to support the Director of UK Programmes and Operations during emergencies. The FIR is an integral part of the vibrant community that defines the Daniel House experience.

Teaching Responsibilities

Faculty members are expected to teach a course aligned with their expertise and, additionally, contribute to a course focused on vocational calling. The latter is a collaborative effort, co-taught with the Associate Director of UK Programmes and Operations, who brings valuable prior experience to the class. To further support their role, FIRs are offered development opportunities in faith and learning through the university’s Faith and Learning Initiative.


Prospective FIRs are encouraged to review the Faculty-in-Residence Manual thoroughly to ensure that they meet the requirements for this unique role.

Selection Process

The selection process commences approximately a year in advance. The Director of UK Programmes & Operations issues a call for proposals, prompting a comprehensive review by a committee comprising the Associate Provost, the Executive Director of SamfordGlobal, the Director and Associate Director of UK Programmes & Operations, a former FIR, and the chair of the faculty senate Global Engagement Committee. Proposals should outline a course within the faculty’s discipline that utilizes London as a classroom. The committee evaluates the proposals based on:

  • Past FIR experience and equity among colleges
  • Quality and appeal of the proposed course
  • Incorporation of London (and the UK) into the course
  • Personal scholarship plans during the semester in London
  • Demonstrated commitment to pastoral care in a study abroad setting
  • Experience with students in the context of vocational calling

Upon selection, notification will be provided by the Executive Director of SamfordGlobal. A meeting with the Director will follow, outlining the position's requirements, expectations, and establishing a timeline for submission deadlines (e.g., syllabi, programs).

Where Can I Get More Information?

Please consult the FIR Manual for more information about the role and / or contact the Director of UK Programmes and Operations, Tom Crosby.