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Most articles are written by Samford University faculty, sports industry professionals that partner with Samford or students in one of the four sports oriented academic programs on campus (sports media in the Journalism and Mass Communications department, sports administration in the department of Kinesiology, sports marketing in the Brock School of Business, and sports medicine in the School of Health Professions).

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Podcast: World Renowned Sports Psychologist Discusses Sports Analytics with Dr. White on The Secrets to Winning Podcast
Dr. Bhrett McCabe, founder of The MindSide, provides sports psychology expertise to hundreds of college and professional athletes around the U.S. including the Alabama Football program, PGA players, and the Memphis Grizzlies. Dr. McCabe sat down with Dr. Darin White, executive director of the Center for Sports Analytics, to discuss the rise of sports analytics and how data can help teams and players perform at unprecedented levels and achieve remarkable success.
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The Missing Academies: How Global Football (Soccer) is Failing Africa
The FIFA TMS Department exists “to make the football transfer market better. The department contributes towards the growth and improvement of the football transfer market by simplifying and standardizing transfer processes.” Yet our analysis shows that much work is yet to be done in the development of a fair and equitable transfer market structure for African players.
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Overpaid? or Underpaid?
It is every young athletes dream to one day, become a professional athlete. What is not to love about it? The fame, playing a sport for a living, and the major salary that you will have. To some people, athletes have the best job possible and anyone would give up what they do to be a professional athlete if they had the chance.
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Tickets for The Generation
Sports and other forms of competition have been around since the beginning of mankind. The root of human existence has always been built upon competition. The world of sports has been changed over the years based on many factors.
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Is the Madden Curse a Reality or a Myth?
Each year when NFL Madden is released, there is much speculation on who will be the next superstar featured on the cover of the game. While it is a great accomplishment for the athlete and his team to be the cover star, there is a high price to pay in most cases.
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Hershel Walker is the Greatest College Football Running Back in History, and He Proved it in Just Three Seasons
People love to debate who is the best college football player at their respective position. This article dives into who is the greatest college football running back of all time and how he etched his name as the greatest ever in a matter of three years.
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Is Kirby Smart really Mark Richt 2.0?
The University of Georgia and its fans have anxiously waited for another college football national championship to arrive in Athens. Many believe Kirby Smart is the man to deliver this long awaited trophy. However, the data suggest Kirby is no different than his predecessor, Mark Richt. So is Kirby truly the man for the job, or will he fall victim to the same fate Richt did?
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The Branding Effect: Do the Teams with the Best Logos Drive the Highest Merchandise Sales?
Most fans will support their team no matter the team color, mascot, or font choice. It is safe to say in our current society, however, that brand image and recognition is a major determining factor to the success of many businesses. Is the full extent of the sports branded merchandise industry fans buying from their favorite team, or is there more to it? This article will analyze whether the teams that are credited with having the best logos also have the highest merchandise sales and overall value.
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Is Simone Biles the GOAT of Gymnastics?
Simone Biles has been unstoppable since she entered her senior elite career in 2013. Discussion first began of Biles being the greatest of all time heading into the 2016 Olympics in Rio. However, as of the US National Championship in August of 2019 the conversation has reemerged as Biles competed two skills for the first time ever in women’s gymnastics.
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Is Artificial Intelligence Really Preventing Injuries?
Artificial Intelligence has changed the sports world forever. While some critics may argue Artificial Intelligence is making the game more predictable and less entertaining, companies like Zone7 are challenging this statement. Through the lens of Artificial Intelligence in training, data companies prove how athletes and teams alike are benefiting from the technology advancement to prevent injuries thus, improving the industry as a whole.
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The Power Behind Alabama Football’s Social Media Strategy
This article is about how the effectiveness of Alabama Football’s social media strategy has greatly developed their success in relevance ranking across their social platforms.
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Nike Caught in the Crosshairs of the Trade War
Following President Trump’s announcement to raise tariffs on shoe imports from China, Nike recently signed a letter with U.S. manufacturers and retailers in protest. Despite the incredible success of the brand, who’s to say if the iconic sporting goods provider is invincible against shifts in the political climate?
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The Progression of Giannis Antetokounmpo
This article statistically breaks down Giannis Antetokounmpo’s young career by season to observe the impressive early progress the Greek Freak has made thus far in the NBA.
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NBA Players in Which Positions Offer the Greatest ROI?
The best NBA players earn enormous salaries because they’re expected to help their teams reach the playoffs, but how often do these players actually provide a good return on investment? This article will attempt to answer this question by determining how many times the highest-paid players advanced to the playoffs and won the championship.
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Top 10 Teams with the Best Odds to Win the 2020 NBA Finals
After a wild 2019 NBA offseason, rosters are being finalized and teams are preparing for the season ahead. This article will look at the top ten teams given the best odds, currently, to win the 2020 NBA finals.
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Study: NFL Sponsors Score Big
Those screaming NFL fans wearing their favorite player’s jersey are not just loyal to their team; our recent study says they are also loyal to the brands supporting the NFL and/or NFL teams.
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Are Top Punters a Necessity for NFL Teams?
An NFL punter can put the opposing team in an unfavorable field position and, consequently, make it more difficult for them to score, so he’s thought to heavily impact the outcomes of games. In this article, we’ll analyze the punting performances of the NFL’s best teams in order to determine how much credit punters actually deserve for helping a team advance to the playoffs.
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Fans Want NFL to Crack Down Harder on Bad Behavior
The Second of a Three-Part Series Based on a Joint Research Study Between Tigris Sponsorship & Marketing and the Samford University Center for Sports Analytics.

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