A confidential resource is a person who is not required to respond to a report of relationship violence unless there is a threat of safety or well-being to a person or the university. Information shared with a confidential will not be included in an official report of sexual misconduct to the university, unless the complainant directs the confidential resource to share the information.

In addition to being a confidant, confidential resources can advise students where to go to file an official report on and off campus. At the request of the complainant, a confidential resource can accompany a complainant to any meeting on campus where the allegation is discussed, except in a case where Public Safety is involved.

Photo of Leslie Canfield, NP
Leslie Canfield, NP
University Health Services
Office: Clinic University Health Services
Photo of Lyndsay Clark
Lyndsay Cogdill Clark, MSW/LICSW, PIP, MDiv
University Counselor & Wellness Coordinator
Office: 203 Beeson Hall
Photo of Bobby Gatlin
Bobby Gatlin
University Minister
Office of Spiritual Life
Office: 202 Burns Hall
Photo of Richard Yoakum
Richard Yoakum, M.S., LPC
Director of Counseling Services & Wellness Programs, University Counselor
Office: 203 Beeson Hall