Abigail Caroline Parkhurst, a daughter, born November 12, 2018. Parents are John Parkhurst ’07 and Liz Parkhurst of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Caroline Thomas Corbett, a daughter, born January 26, 2019. Parents are Brandi Corbett ’08 and David Corbett of Winfield, Alabama.

Hallie Blair Murphy, a daughter, born March 9, 2019. Parents are Adam Murphy ’10 and Tiffany Lowery Murphy ’11 of Montgomery, Alabama. She joins big brother, Pierce.

Evelyn Joy Griffin, a daughter, born May 23, 2019. Parents are Jarred Griffin ’07 and Stephanie Neyman Griffin of Lineville, Alabama.

Alice McClain Spiller and Margaret Bonner Spiller, twin daughters, born June 3, 2019. Parents are Loren Hawkins Spiller ’03 and Bobby Spiller of Vestavia Hills, Alabama. They join older brother, Robert and older sister, Anne.

Annie Virginia Lewis, a daughter, born July 5, 2019. Parents are Benjamin Lewis ’13 and Caroline Ingle Lewis ’14 of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Levi Aidan Harold, a son, born July 23, 2019. Parents are Kyle Harold ’04 and Charley Turk Harold ’06 of Wilmore, Kentucky. He joins older sister, Ellie Rose and older brother, Brooks.

Nolan Anders McNeese, a son, born August 29, 2019. Parents are Paul McNeese '08 and Laura McNeese of Montgomery, Alabama. He joins older brothers Ian Gaines and Paxton Reid and older sister Elizabeth "Libby" Collins.

James Eason Strickland, a son, born September 12, 2019. Parents are Taylor Strickland ’10 and Allison Hubbard Strickland ’13 & ’18 of Vestavia Hills, Alabama.

Abigail Caroline Williams, a daughter, born September 12, 2019. Parents are Logan Williams ‘12 and Sarah Seanor Williams ‘13 of Maryville, Tennessee.

Lucas Everett Ballew, a son, born October 3, 2019. Parents are Thomas Ballew ’14 and Laura Ballew of Atlanta, Georgia.

Charles Hugh Dickerson, a son, born November 26, 2019. Parents are Sam Dickerson ’11 and Dyan Dickerson of Jacksonville, Florida.

Ellie Reese Keller, a daughter, born November 27, 2019. Parents are Alison Ledbetter Keller ’14 and Matt Keller of Rogers, Arkansas.

Remington Ivanna Perekotiy, a daughter, born November 29, 2019. Parents are Madison Hall Perekotiy, ’11 and Yurly Perekotiy of Odessa, Ukraine.

Gideon Aldrin O’Hern, a son, born December 13, 2019. Parents are Matthew O’Hern ’04 and Sarah O’Hern of Orlando, Florida.

Brielle Olivia Sutton, a daughter, born December 14, 2019. Parents are Darion Sutton ’13 and Kayla Marx Sutton ’15 of Highland Park, Illinois.

James Donald Kenney IV, a son, born April 9, 2020. Parents are Melissa Caudill Kenney ’08 and Alex Kenney of Lewis Center, Ohio.