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Samford’s Continuing Studies Program Helps Former Students Earn College Degrees
The Continuing Studies program provides contemporary students a way to earn their degree in a flexible online environment.  
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Samford’s School of Public Health, Continuing Studies Launch Online Public Health Degree
Samford’s School of Public Health and Continuing Studies program have officially launched an online Bachelor of Science in Public Health. The degree is geared toward nontraditional students and professionals in public health and health care who aim to pursue a bachelor’s degree.  
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Believe In Yourself: Vivian Cunningham Earns Samford Degree at 78
Vivian Cunningham will graduate from Samford at the age of 78 this week. There was no easy path to her degree, and long breaks might have become permanent if not for the family, friends and Samford faculty and staff who encouraged her when she wasn’t sure she could go on.