The Office of Spiritual Life is the only official source of information pertaining to Convocation events, credits, and requirements.

Mission & Purpose

Samford’s Convocation program encourages students to develop both spiritually and academically by providing a variety of programs that seek to integrate faith and learning from a distinctively Christian perspective. As a graduation requirement for all undergraduate students, Convocation reinforces Samford’s identity as a Christ-centered university that nurtures persons “for God, for learning, forever.” Convocation programs do not attempt to coerce students to worship or embrace a particular set of beliefs. Rather, programs expose students to many perspectives, challenging them to think carefully about matters of faith and learning so that they may act responsibly in the world.


Undergraduate students are required to complete 60 Convocation credits in order to graduate. 30 Convocation credits must be completed by the time a student earns 64 academic credits. Otherwise, that student will be delayed in the ability to register for classes the following semester. Convocation credit is earned when a student attends an approved event and swipes a valid ID card at the conclusion of the event. Students may not receive credit for attending repeating events more than once.

Students may check their Convocation record any time by logging into Samford’s online portal. Additionally, students receive weekly email updates listing all credits required and earned. If a student’s record is in error, that student may submit a Convocation Record Adjustment from within 30 days of the event in question to correct the error. Graduating seniors must submit all adjustment forms no later than two weeks prior to graduation.

Transfer Students Requirements

Convocation requirements are prorated for transfer students. This proration includes any credit earned at a college or university or AP credit that is accepted by Samford University. (Students seeking a second undergraduate degree do not have any Convocation requirements.)

Convocation requirements are prorated for transfer students according to schedule below.

Transfer Students
Academic Transfer Credit Credits Requirement
1-15 credits 60 credits
16-31 credits 52 credits
32-47 credits 44 credits
48-63 credits 36 credits
64-79 credits 28 credits
80-95 credits 20 credits
96-111 credits 12 credits
112-127 credits 6 credits
128 or more credits 0 credits


Cadres are Convocation credit small groups led by faculty, staff, or selected students that meet at least 6 times during a semester to discuss a book, biblical text, specified topic, or to participate in a service project. Those interested in leading a Cadre may submit proposals online for review by The Office of Spiritual Life. Cadre sign-ups take place online during the first week of classes each semester. An email will be sent to all undergraduates announcing that students may log into Banner to access online Cadre sign-ups under the “Spiritual Life” tab.

Campus Worship-Kristen Padilla
April 25, 10 am - 10:45 amDown arrow selection icon
Spring 2019 Catholic Eucharist (Mass)
April 25, 10 am - 10:45 amDown arrow selection icon
Philosophy Lecture - Dr. Keith Putt
April 25, 3 pm - 4:30 pmDown arrow selection icon
Sojourn Photojournalism Panel
April 25, 6 pm - 7 pmDown arrow selection icon
Gospel Choir Spring 2019 Concert
April 28, 5 pm - 6 pmDown arrow selection icon
Three Identical Strangers - Documentary and Discussion
April 29, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pmDown arrow selection icon
Three Identical Strangers - Documentary and Discussion
April 29, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pmDown arrow selection icon
Campus Worship-Leadership Awards
April 30, 10 am - 10:45 amDown arrow selection icon
ID Accountability Convocation
April 30, 6 pm - 7 pmDown arrow selection icon
Spring 2019 Episcopal Eucharist
May 1, 12 pm - 12:45 pmDown arrow selection icon
Spring 2019 Core Texts Lectured: Ginger Frost
May 1, 3 pm - 4 pmDown arrow selection icon
Spring 2019 Episcopal Eucharist
June 5, 12 pm - 12:45 pm