Samford’s Convocation program exists to encourage spiritual growth and development by providing worship opportunities and programming that seeks to integrate faith and learning from a distinctively Christian perspective. As a graduation requirement for all undergraduate students, Convocation reinforces Samford’s identity as a Christ-centered university and is designed to build a community at Samford with values rooted in a biblical worldview.

There are 3 primary ways to receive convocation credits at Samford.

  1. Campus Worship – Every Tuesday at 10 a.m. in the Wright Center the Samford community meets together for a time of worship and encouragement from God’s Word.
  2. Cadres – Both on campus and service cadres exist to help students grow in their faith through a small group study or service project
  3. Convocation Events – These events are hosted at various times and places sponsored by partnering departments around campus to help develop spiritually and academically by providing programs that integrate faith and learning.


Undergraduate students are required to complete 60 Convocation credits in order to graduate. 30 Convocation credits must be completed by the time a student earns 64 academic credits. Otherwise, that student will be delayed in the ability to register for classes the following semester. Convocation credit is earned when a student attends an approved event and registers through iAttended at the conclusion of the event.

Students may check their Convocation record any time through the iAttended app or their banner account. The app is used to monitor progress and keep up with all upcoming convocation events. Additionally, students receive regular email updates listing all credits required and earned. For missing credits, students must contact the Office of Spiritual Life within 30 days of the event in question. Graduating seniors must submit all adjustment forms no later than two weeks prior to graduation.

Transfer Students Requirements

Convocation requirements are prorated for transfer students according to schedule below. This proration includes any credit earned at a college or university or AP credit that is accepted by Samford University. Students seeking a second undergraduate degree do not have any Convocation requirements.

Transfer Students
Academic Transfer Credit Credits Requirement
1-15 credits 60 credits
16-31 credits 52 credits
32-47 credits 44 credits
48-63 credits 36 credits
64-79 credits 28 credits
80-95 credits 20 credits
96-111 credits 12 credits
112-127 credits 6 credits
128 or more credits 0 credits

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my iAttended app?

  • Download “iAttended” from your app store.
  • Follow the prompts to sign in
  • On the home screen select “enter code” and type inYDTV which will connect you to Samford’s events
  • Add then verify your Samford email – if you skip this step, your account will not work.

What happens if I do not have iAttended?

Credits are exclusively tracked through iAttended. You cannot receive convocation credit if you do not have your iAttended account set up properly.

How are Convocation events proposed?

Staff and faculty are able to submit a proposal for a Convocation event through the Spiritual Life tab in Banner.

What if I don’t see credit for an event I recently attended?

You must contact the Office of Spiritual Life within 30 days of the event in order to be considered for credit.

I am a transfer student. What if my required number of convocation credits is incorrect?

Required credits are based on transferred academic credits established by the Office of the Registrar. Please contact them with any related questions.

What if my credits on iAttended do not match the number of credits on Banner?

Email the Office of Spiritual Life.