The Samford Parents Association’s mission is to support and encourage the university, our students and Samford families in very intentional ways. Made up of parents and family members dedicated to seeing our sons and daughters thrive at Samford University, the association is one of the strongest, most vital partnerships Samford has. Your involvement supports the university in many ways, but none as important as contributing to your student’s success. Students whose parents are informed and involved tend to have a higher degree of academic and social success. The association informs by providing resources parents and family members find invaluable in advising their students in the college experience—resources such as the Samford parent portal. The association helps fund Family Weekend and local events for parents and looks for ways to encourage our students throughout the year.

We hope you will register and find your place within the Samford Parents Association—identifying the type of membership and involvement best suited for your household. Our sons and daughters and the many students who will come long after them will benefit from our combined efforts.

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Parents Association Benefits
Benefit Collegiate Partner-$499 Annual Partner-$149 Partner-Complimentary
  (Membership active while student is an enrolled undergraduate) (July 2021-June 2022) (Membership active while student is an enrolled undergraduate)
Parent and Family Calendar Given at Move In 1st year and mailed next 3 years Given at Move In 1st year Given at Move In 1st year
Parent Commons Access
Samford Parent Communication Portal Access
Parents Association Annual Breakfast Invitation
Local and Regional Event Invitations
Two Samford Parent T-shirts  
Samford Shop Discount Coupon Annual 25% off coupon 1-time 25% off coupon  
Samford Flag  
Two Samford Parent Car Decals  
Limited Edition Signature Gift at Joining    
Future Samford Bulldog Yard Sign PDF    
Early Registration for Limited Spots in Future Samford Parents Study Abroad Experiences    
Annual Invitation to Step Sing Weekend President's Collegiate Partner Reception    
Recognition in Framed Listing of Collegiate Partner Supporters in Parent Commons    
Early Registration for Family Weekend    

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