Samford parents find joy and pride in watching their students walk through the Samford experience. That is why it is so important to us to help other students and families realize their Samford dream, especially when some families are in desperate need of our help.

We invite you to join us in giving to the Samford Parents Scholarship Fund. We want to continue to bring Samford parents together to help each other in times of need. Growing the scholarship fund each year ensures that it is available to help students who face unexpected financial hardship in their last year of college.

2023 Campaign

“My mother was an extremely strong person, and she wanted what was best for me and my brother. She worked multiple jobs immediately. I still have her letters encouraging me to stay and I felt like the Samford community was walking alongside her with that and saying [to me] 'We're going to do whatever we can to keep you here.”
Belinda Stroud '89

Belinda Stroud's Samford experience started out like many others. But in April of her junior year, her life took a drastic turn when her father left. She was left wondering how she was going to continue her education and finish her degree at Samford.

The university community wrapped its arms around Belinda to make sure she was able to graduate. And in 1989, she did just that due in large part to the support she received from the Samford community.

The Samford Parents Scholarship was created in 2017 to support students like Belinda who experience unexpected financial hardship and need additional assistance in order to complete their Samford degree.

Belinda and her husband Stephen are now parents of a Samford student and they are committed to bringing others together to support students in times of need.

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2022 Campaign

The Samford Parents Scholarship checks in on each other.

“My sons ask me to ‘check my heart rate, check it, you’re a nurse,’” she said. “They are proud of me and want me to check their pulse and hearts all the time.”
Tina Amaechi ’22, Moffett & Sanders School of Nursing, Nurse at UAB Hospital

Tina enrolled in the Moffett and Sanders School of Nursing. Recently moved to the U.S. from Nigeria, she would be the first college graduate in her family. While at Samford, her father passed away. Grief and the associated financial difficulties led Tina to consider leaving the program and moving back to Nigeria.

In her time of uncertainty, Samford’s parents renewed her faith. Through donations to the Samford Parents Scholarship, Tina could concentrate on the rigorous program ahead of her. She graduated and is living her dream as an oncology nurse to honor her father after his battle with cancer.

Growing the scholarship fund each year ensures that students can graduate no matter their circumstances.

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2021 Campaign

The Samford Parents Scholarship celebrates five years.

"I was concerned that I wasn't going to be able to graduate."
--Sara Grace Copeland '20, Moffett & Sanders School of Nursing, Nurse at Children's of Alabama

As a former patient of Children's of Alabama, Sara Grace decided early to be a nurse. Her dream was at risk when her parent's long divorce and loss of income to their small business made funding her last semester impossible. Through the generosity of Samford's parents, Sara Grace was able to graduate and is now serving as a nurse at Children's of Alabama.

Sara Grace is now one of eight students who have received support during challenging times through the Samford Parents Scholarship. Growing the scholarship fund each year ensures that students can graduate even after facing unexpected financial hardships.

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2020 Campaign

A Samford tradition is firmly planted.

In 2020, the Samford Parents Scholarship reached a milestone and was able to help two students graduate. 

"I am amazed at how people will blindly give to people like me here at Samford and allow us to complete this experience."
--Joyner Bousquet '20,  Healthcare Administration, School of Public Health
"This has taught me to persevere and not give up because just when you are about to give up, God can send a breakthrough just like he did with the scholarship." 
--Markeda Payne '19,  Moffett & Sanders School of Nursing

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2019 Campaign

A Samford tradition is growing. 

“He wanted me to graduate from Samford.”
--Chelsea Baker, Class of 2019

That was Todd Baker’s wish for his daughter and every day she attended Samford University, he looked forward to the moment she would walk across the stage, shake Dr. Westmoreland’s hand and receive her degree in Foods and Nutrition.

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2018 Campaign

2017 Campaign

A Samford tradition is started.

During Jasmine’s junior year, her father passed away suddenly. He was the sole provider for their family. Losing him made it impossible for Jasmine to continue her Samford education without financial assistance. The help and blessings she received came through parents like all of us, in the form of the Samford Parents Scholarship. In 2016, The Samford Parents Scholarship Fund started as a grassroots effort to support students who are close to earning a degree but face withdrawal from Samford prematurely due to a family financial crisis.

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