Samford students register for credit courses through the campus portal, during their assigned registration time. Students in select graduate/professional programs do not self-register. Undergraduate students must obtain a Registration Alternate PIN from their advisor before registration can take place.

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Current Students

Registration for current Samford University students will be guided by their respective advisors. Online registration (through Banner Self-Service) continues up through the last day to add/drop for each term.

The add/drop dates for the current academic year are shown within the academic calendar, but are also available on the registration schedule.

Students can add/drop courses via the web through the last day to add or drop online for that semester. After that deadline, students can no longer add classes, but can still drop a course with a W grade (aka course withdrawal). In order to do this, students are required to complete the online course withdrawal form.

Signatures of the student, his/her advisor, and instructor(s) of the course(s) being dropped are required. Additional signatures may be required, such as that of an athletics department representative (if the student is an athlete). Student-athletes who drop below full-time risk losing eligibility to compete, practice, or participate in any athletic-related activities.

For any student, dropping below full-time status can impact financial aid, scholarships, and/or insurance coverage. Please also note that deadlines and details are subject to change.

Students seeking to add a course after the add/drop deadline will need to complete the academic petition form. See that form for the specific signatures required and bring the completed and signed form to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

Undergraduate Students

Registration for University Fellows Program and Student Athletes begins first. For all other undergraduates, registration times vary, depending on the number of earned credits (90+ hrs, 58+ hrs, 28+ hrs, 0+ hrs). Please note that this is based on the total number of earned/completed credits. It does not include the number of credits in which the student is currently enrolled.

Undergraduate students are required to have a six-digit Alternate PIN to proceed with registration. The PIN can only be obtained from their advisors.

A different PIN is required for each term.

  • Spring PINs start with a 2
  • Summer PINs start with a 5
  • Fall PINs start with a 7

Graduate Students

Registration for graduate students typically begins the same time as the highest level of seniors (those w/90+ hrs).

Graduate students are not required to have an Alternate PIN. They are encouraged, however, to confer with their advisors prior to proceeding with registration.

DIVINITY: Doctor of Ministry students will be registered by the Records Officer in the Beeson School of Divinity. All other Divinity students (MDiv & MATS) may register through Banner Self-Service.

LAW: First-, second-, and third-year law, and Master of Comparative Law students will be registered by the director of Law Student Records. After the initial registration, second- and third-year law students can add/drop via the web through the Friday before the first class day (see the law academic calendar for drop dates).

PHARMACY: Due to the lock-step curriculum, pharmacy students will be registered by the associate dean of Academic Affairs for the McWhorter School of Pharmacy. Registration will not be accessible via Banner Self-Service. However, all screens will be available for students’ viewing.

Professional Studies Students

Registration for students in Professional Studies typically begins the same time as the highest level of undergraduate day seniors (those with 90+ hrs).

Professional Studies students are required to have a six-digit alternate PIN to proceed with registration.  The PIN can only be obtained from the student’s advisor.

A different PIN is required for each term.

  • Spring PINs start with a 2
  • Summer PINs start with a 5
  • Fall PINs start with a 7

Registration for Fall 2023

Registration opens at 7 a.m. on the dates listed below for each student group. Please note that these are the earliest dates at which students in the listed categories can register. Registration for each group remains active throughout the semester up through the last day to add/drop online for the term.

Students who have registered must make payment in full on or before the payment deadlines (See Student Financial Services for more information). (dates updated 1/3/23)

Fall 2023
Start Date Classification
For Currently Enrolled Samford Students:
Mon., March 13

Fellows and Athletes Register

Wed., March 15

Undergrads with 90+ earned credits;
Self-registering graduate students

Wed., March 22 Undergrads with 58+ earned credits
Wed., March 29 Undergrads with 26+ earned credits
Wed., April 5 Undergrads with 0+ earned credits
For New Students and Samford Students NOT Currently Enrolled:
Wed., April 12

Open registration for new students and
Samford students not currently enrolled

Alternate PIN

To register via the web, students need an alternate PIN (personal identification number), available through their advisor. This unique PIN will allow students to access the registration portion of the portal for that semester only (each semester requires a different, unique PIN***). These alternate PINs will be used each time the student accesses the portal in order to add/drop a course during the allowed web registration period. NOTE: Advisors often add the PIN number to the Notes portion at the bottom of a student's DegreeWorks audit and/or in the Student Education Planner (the Plans tab) within DegreeWorks.

***All summer terms (May Term, Summer I, Summer II, Summer 10-Week (aka Sum III), Summer 12-Week, & Summer 14-Week) share the same alternate PIN.

  • Spring PINs start with a 2
  • Summer PINs start with a 5
  • Fall PINs start with a 7

Increase of Hours

Students who plan to take more than 18 hours will need to complete the Increase of Hours Request. See the Forms page for more information.