Mission, Vision and Values


To enhance the student experience through fraternal and faith-based connections.


Greek Life at Samford is like no other community. Sororities and fraternities at Samford are purposeful -we serve our community and give to righteous causes because that's what Samford is about. We are faithful - we live out our faith through fellowship and everyday grace. And we are real - we support each other's journeys through college and life. As members of fraternities and sororities we take lifelong oaths to care for each other and the world around us. We are purposeful. We are faithful. We are real. We are Samford Greeks.



This principle drives many fraternity and sorority activities. Samford Greeks strive to have a servant’s heart.


A cornerstone of Samford University as well as the fraternity and sorority community. Fraternities and sororities provide supportive environments to enhance a student’s ability to succeed in and out of the classroom.


Each individual student can have a valuable experience seeking a leadership role while building confidence and impactful life skills.


Fraternities and sororities provide connection and belonging through life-long support and accountability.

Personal Development

Greek students will develop skills and potential through personal and collaborative experiences.

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Greek Awards


Chapter of the year: Chi Omega
Greek Man: Lance Rybka
Greek Woman: Brenna Truitt


Chapter of the year: Alpha Delta Pi
Greek Man: Tanner Fields
Greek Woman: Sarah Williams


Chapter of the year: Delta Delta Delta
Greek Man: Sam Bartz
Greek Woman: Jamie Davenport


Chapter of the year: Alpha Tau Omega
Greek Man: Jake Massey
Greek Woman: Mary Clark Herrod


Chapter of the year: Chi Omega
Greek Man: Brandon Lawson
Greek Woman: Nicole Klaubert


Chapter of the year: Alpha Tau Omega
Greek Man: William Hargrove
Greek Woman: Lauren Hammond


Chapter of the year: Phi Mu
Greek Man: Matthew Carrick
Greek Woman: Molly McCoy

Important 2022 Dates

NPHC Greek Speak September 7
Panhellenic Recruitment – September 13 – 17
Panhellenic Bid Day September 18
IFC Recruitment September 18 – 20
IFC Bid Day September 21