The following questions are specific to Panhellenic sorority recruitment and IFC fraternity recruitment. Information on the intake process for chapters affiliated with the National Pan-Hellenic Council can be found on the Join a Chapter page.

General FAQ

Student Participation

  • As of 2020, 53% of Samford’s student body is involved in Greek Life.

Health & Safety

  • Student safety is top priority. As a Christian University, it is vital to uphold our faith-based values along with biblical founding principles of the national fraternities and sororities.
  • Samford University along with our partners of the national fraternities and sororities recognized on campus do not condone hazing. Hazing is also against Alabama State law.
  • If hazing is suspected or claimed, the organization would immediately be investigated and adjudicated through the Samford Honor Code process.
  • Visit the website of each organization’s national policies regarding hazing to learn more.

Membership Cost

  • Each chapter differs in financial structure.
  • Chapter fees cover various activities, events, and general daily operations.
  • Chapters finance social opportunities, philanthropic events, service projects, and academic support programs, and national dues.
  • See our Finances page for a more detailed breakdown.


  • All six Panhellenic sororities have on-campus housing.
  • Two IFC Fraternities have a housing: Sigma Chi and Pi Kappa Phi.
  • All housing is owned and operated by the university. 
  • All housing is under the supervision of the Office of Residence Life and operate similarly to other campus residence halls.
  • Greek Housing residents follow all university policies and procedures regarding finances and meal plans.
  • Students are able to live in their Greek organization house beginning sophomore year. All freshmen must live in freshmen residence halls.
  • Each chapter organizes housing differently and assignments can be determined based off of GPA, seniority, or involvement.
  • All Samford owned facilities have a contractual obligation to fulfill their chapter facilities with chapter members, so there is a live-in housing expectation.

Time Commitment

  • We believe you get out of your experience what you put in.
  • The first semester membership typically requires more time due to the additional requirements of the new member education process.
  • New members in an organization complete a new member education program that is no longer than 6 weeks. The shorter two week process would host meetings daily, the longer structured process would host meetings weekly.
  • Educational meetings are on average 1 - 2 hours. Other than these programs, new members could attend weekly chapter meetings, philanthropy events, tailgates, social functions, and other events put on by the organization.
  • After the first semester membership, weekly chapter meetings as well as philanthropy events should be expected, but students are able to be as involved as they would like.


  • Before you are a Greek student, you are a student! The Greeks take pride in their academic victories.
  • The All-Greek GPA is typically higher than the All-Undergraduate GPA.
  • Visit to view the community grade report.
  • Each chapter sets a minimum GPA requirement to be in good-standing.
  • Chapters host study hall hours, academic incentive programs, and encourage utilizing the on-campus resources for student success.


  • Joining a Greek organization means finding a sisterhood or brotherhood. What exactly does that mean? Brotherhood and sisterhood to Samford means an heightened and enhanced form of friendship.
  • The friendships that are formed in Greek organizations are like no other.
  • Being Greek also creates many opportunities to seek out leadership.
  • Specifically to Samford, we are able to incorporate our faith in our Greek Life. Chapters host worship nights, Bible studies, and many other faith-based sessions.
  • If you’re looking for a way to feel connected, supported, and encouraged then Greek Life is for you.

Panhellenic Recruitment

Sorority Recruitment

  • Recruitment is a values based "mutual selection" process where potential new members (PNMs) and current chapter members can learn more about one another.
  • Recruitment is comprised of three rounds: Philanthropy, Sisterhood, and Preference followed by Bid Day.
  • Fall 2022 sorority recruitment: September 13 - 17 & Bid Day on September 18.
  • A more detailed calendar of events is on the Greek Life "Join A Chapter" page.
  • Be sure to download the Samford Guides app in your app store to see the Samford Sororities 2022 guide with more scheduling details.


  • PNM – Potential New Member.
  • Rho Gamma – Recruitment guide for potential new members to guide them through the recruitment process as a source of information and support.
  • Legacy - A prospective member whose sister/mother/grandmother is an alumna or active member of a specific organization.
  • MRABA - Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement is a binding document signed by PNMs the night after preference parties are attended.


  • $100 registration fee 
  • Resume (Leadership & Involvement, do not include legacy status)
  • Headshot (waist up)
  • Unofficial transcript 
  • Must be full-time undergraduate student
  • Recommended but not required GPA of 3.0 or higher

Chapter Dues

  • Chapter dues vary by each chapter.
  • New Member Semester:  $746 - $926
  • Active Sister Semesters:  $322 - $640
  • Samford Semester Greek Fee: $75
  • These price points do not include t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Each chapter has different financial structures based off of the national organization.
  • Each woman will receive a more comprehensive financial breakdown chapter by chapter during Primary Recruitment.

Learn More


Recruitment Structure

  • Round 1 is Philanthropy Round.
    • 25 minute parties 15 minutes in between parties.
    • PNMs will have a chance to learn about each sorority’s community service initiatives and philanthropic giving efforts. 
    • PNMs will visit six chapters all in one night.
  • Round 2 is Sisterhood Round.
    • 30 minute parties with 15 minutes in between parties.
    • PNMs could have 1 - 4 chapters invite them to sisterhood round.
    • Chapters will present the values and characteristics important to their sisterhood.
  • Round 3 is Preference Round.
    •  40 minute parties with 15 minutes in between parties.
    • PNMs could have 1 -2 chapters invite them to preference round.
    • Chapters will share more in-depth meanings of the value of each sorority in a formal setting.

Bid Day

  • Bid Day concludes primary recruitment.
    • PNMs that maximize their preference round options will participate in Bid Day.
    • PNMs could receive their first or second preference choice (if invited to two preference parties).
    • PNMs who do no maximize their preference options could potentially not receive a bid from any chapter. 
    • If a PNM does not receive a bid, she will be notifed by her Rho Gamma earlier in the day.
    • If a PNM withdraws from the process during Round 1, 2, or 3, on Bid Day, a "snap bid" could be extended to her if the chapter has membership availability after the bid matching process.
    • PNMs who did not maximize their options, and did not receive a bid, are not eligible for snap bids. However, they are eligible for a Continuous Open Bid later in the semester.
  • Family and friends are invited to Bid Day activities on the Quad only. 
  • Chapters will host pictures and celebrations on and off campus on Bid Day.
  • If a PNM did


  • PNMs invited to attend preference rounds will be asked to sign this document in preparation for bid day.
  • The agreement states the PNM will accept a bid from the sororities attended that evening during preference round (1 - 2 chapters).
  • Some PNMs will have two sorority choices and will rank her options. Other women will have one sorority option.
  • Once the MRABA is signed, if the PNM chooses not to accept her bid, she is ineligible to join another Panhellenic sorority until the next primary recruitment period, which is fall primary recruitment 2023. 

Legacy Status

  • Panhellenic organizations may differ slightly on their definition of a legacy, and more information may be found on each chapter’s national website.
  • Being a legacy does not guarantee a PNM an invitation to membership.
  • Samford sororities only recognize legacy status from the six National Panhellenic Conference sororities represented on campus.
  • At Samford, only the house to which the PNM is a legacy will know that she is a legacy. This is to assure that your legacy status will only enhance your recruitment process.
  • Please do not include legacy status on your resume.

Recommendation Letters

  • A “rec” letter is a written statement (can be electronic) from an alumna or initiated member recommending a potential new member to a Panhellenic sorority.
  • It is simply another source of information. It is not a guarantee for a bid to membership.
  • While it is not required to have a rec letter for a chapter, at Samford recommendation a rec letter for each chapter is encouraged. One letter per chapter is ideal. More than two recommendation letters per chapter is excessive.
  • The deadline to submit recommendation letters is August 30.
  • Not every chapter accepts recommendation letters.
  • Below are the places to email/mail in a rec letter.

Alpha Delta Pi- Kappa Chapter

Alpha Delta Pi labels recommendations as Potential Member Recommendation Forms. Alumnae members can sign into Pride Online and complete a Potential Member Recommendation Form.

ADPi Recruitment Chairs: Olivia Love and Liz Cowden
Prefers online rec letter submission

Mailing Address:
800 Lakeshore Drive
SU Box 294001
Birmingham, AL 35229

Alpha Omicron Pi - Rho Delta Chapter

Alpha Omicron Pi labels recommendations as Membership Information Form (MIF). Visit the AOII website to complete an MIF.

AOII Recruitment Chair: Shelby Grace Justice
Prefers online rec letter submission

Mailing Address:
800 Lakeshore Drive
SU Box 291074
Birmingham, AL 35229

Chi Omega - Zeta Zeta Chapter

Chi Omega labels recommendations as Reference Information Forms (RIF). Alumnae can sign into EveryDay and submit a RIF.

ChiO Recruitment Chairs: Autumn Turner and Margaret Viña
Prefers online rec letter submission

Can be mailed (but must be signed by two Chi Omega alumnae)
Mailing Address:
800 Lakeshore Drive
SU Box 294006
Birmingham, AL 35229

Tri Delta - Epsilon Xi Chapter

Tri Delta labels recommendations as Reference Form. Log in to My Tri Delta to access the reference form.

Tri Delta Recruitment Chair: Kellum Key
Prefers online rec letter submission

Mailing Address:
800 Lakeshore Drive
SU Box 293337
Birmingham, AL 35229

Phi Mu - Alpha Gamma Chapter

Phi Mu recently removed the use of recommendation letter or "references" from their membership process. Women going through the recruitment process should not seek references from alumnae. Visit Phi Mu's website to learn more about how to submit an online Phi Mu recommendation.

Phi Mu Recruitment Chairs: Anna Hope Bigham and Kristen Watts

Zeta Tau Alpha - Delta Psi Chapter

ZTA labels recommendations as Membership Information Sheet (MIS). Visit ZTA's Sisters Only site for guidance to complete an online MIS form.

ZTA Recruitment Chair: Savannah Woodland
Prefers online rec letter submission

Mailing Address:
800 Lakeshore Drive
SU Box 294016
Birmingham, AL 35229

IFC Recruitment

Fraternity Recruitment

  • Formal fraternity (IFC) recruitment is comprised of four formal rounds (Opening Night, Alumni Night, Brothers Night In, Brothers Night Out) followed by Bid Day.
  • Recruitment is a "mutual selection" process where potential new members (PNMs) and current chapter members can learn more about one another.
  • Fall 2022 fraternity recruitment will take place September 18-20 with Bid Day being on September 21. Chapters will host pre-recruitment events from June 8 to August 20. Registration for fraternity recruitment is open until September 16.


  • PNM – Potential New Member.
  • Rho Alpha – Recruitment guide for potential new members to guide them through the recruitment process as a source of information and support.
  • Legacy - A prospective member whose brother/father/grandfather is an alumna or active member of a specific organization.


  • $30 registration fee: June 1 - September 13
  • Resume
  • Headshot
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Recommended but not required: GPA of 3.0 or higher

Chapter Dues

  • Chapter dues vary by each chapter.
  • New Member Semester: $330-800
  • Active Brother Semester: $557-1,200
  • Samford Semester Greek Fee: $75

Recruitment Structure

  • Opening Night is Round 1 of recruitment.  Interested participants will have a chance to visit all 5 fraternities for 30 minute parties.
  • Brother Night In is Round 3 of recruitment. During this round, potential members have the opportunity to get to know brothers in a more casual setting on campus.
  • Brother Night Out is the last round of recruitment. Potential members will be invited to off-campus locations to participate in a selected activity. There is a maximum of two invitations this round.
  • Bid Day is the final day of fraternity recruitment. All participants in recruitment can check in at the bid table from 12 to 2 p.m. in Ben Brown Plaza. There will be one large event at 4 p.m. on the steps of the University Center for individual chapter photos and then each fraternity will move forward with their own plans for the evening.

Recommendation Letter

  • All recommendation letters should be mailed to the following address:
    Office of Greek Life
    Attn: Fraternity Name
    800 Lakeshore Drive
    Birmingham, AL 35229